A death must be registered by law in the district in which the death occurred.
We, your funeral director, will be able to advise you as to the whereabouts of the relevant office.
Under normal circumstances, the Notification of Death should be taken to the registrar with, if possible, the Deceased’s medical card. The registrar will then
issue the death certificate.


  • a relative of the deceased, present at the death.
  • a relative of the deceased, in attendance during the last illness.
  • a relative of the deceased,
  • a person present at the death.
  • the occupier of the house or institution if s/he knew about the death happening.
  • the person arranging for the disposal of the body (not the undertaker)

The procedure for registering the death is a simple interview with the registrar, who will require the following information:



The following table is intended to help ensure that all the appropriate information is supplied to the registrar accurately.



Details required

Guidance notes



Date of death




Place of death

  • If the person died at home, we would require the full address

  • If the person died in a hospital or care home, we would require the name of the premises

  • If the death took place in an ambulance, car etc then please supply details of the locality of the vehicle when the death occurred and the intended destination.



Name and surname

  • This should be the name they were known as at the time of death.

  • You should also provide any other names the deceased was currently or previously by.




  • Male or Female



Maiden surname of woman who has married

  • If the deceased was a woman, this is the surname in which she contracted her first marriage.



Date of birth

  • The date of birth of the deceased should be recorded as accurately as possible



Place of birth

  • The town and county / borough of birth

  • If born outside UK only the country is recorded



  1. Occupation

  • The last gainful employment should be recorded, whether the occupation was full or part time.

  • Please provide as much information as possible relating to the occupation.

  • We will also need to know whether the person was retired



  1. Spouse / Civil Partner (if applicable)

  • The deceased’s spousal details will be recorded if applicable – i.e. if they were married, widowed, in a Civil Partnership, etc

  • Full Name of the spouse / civil partner

  • Their occupation (as above)



Usual address

  • The usual address of the deceased in full (including the name or number of the house, name of the street and village or town and postcode).

  • The address provided should be where the deceased lived at the time of the death, and not the address of the hospital or nursing home unless this was considered a permanent place of residency.



Informant’s Name

  • Your full name



Relationship to the deceased




Informant’s Address

  • As above, your usual address in full


The registrar will issue a green certificate which should be given to us as soon as possible.
Copies of the entry of death (death certificate) may be obtained from the registrar and will be required for insurance purposes, probate, bank accounts, private pension schemes, National Savings certificates, Premium Bonds et cetera. You may wish to purchase extra copies.